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Brick By Brick Academy breaks health and wealth down to basic puzzle pieces. We have developed a success road map for you to grow as a person, find your passion, & fulfill your vision. Whether you want to start a new business, need life coaching and mentoring for yourself or a loved one, or fitness support, you may purchase one of our available packages to get started today.

“Build confidence, witness results, learn proven methods, and let’s make an impact in many communities.” – Gerald Hearns

What Do We Offer?

Life Coaching In Action!

Life is about personal growth and uplifting those around you. Community starts here!

Welcome to Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth, where you will find the necessary tools and support you need to grow as a person. We help our clients grow within their passion and transition their ideas into a successful membership business. No matter your passion or profession, you can turn your passion into profits. Our focus is to add value to our community through our transformation coaching and pay-it-forward mission. If you are ready to start or continue your journey to being the kind of leader others look up to, we’re here to support your mission.

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What is Shining Star Membership?

Shining Star Membership was inspired after the severe impact of Hurricane Ian in the Southwest Region of Florida. After seeing the images of families impacted by the hurricane and knowing people who have families in Fort Myers and Naples, Florida, encouraged Gerald Hearns and Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth to create a membership to bring community supporters together. The vision for this membership is to be a resource to families that are impacted by unplanned tragedies and seeking help. Founder & CEO, Gerald Hearns, grew up on Tamarind Avenue, in West Palm Beach, Florida. Tamarind has a history of being a rough environment, where youth are limited to opportunities for employment, mentoring, guidance, and resources to elevate their future to succeed. Shining Star membership allows Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth to be a resource to youth in various inner cities, providing resources for new employment such as uniforms, athletes needing gear for their intended sports, sponsoring scholarships, and other services that will help a person or family grow and elevate through challenging times. We encourage you to become a Shining Star Member and be a part of serving others to become a Shining Star.

Where Do You Want To Begin Your Champion Journey?

Spotlight Stories

Liliana C. Millett, founded her Handmade Candles and Crafts business at the age of 10 in 2020. She believes that anyone can become an entrepreneur with the right guidance and mentors in place. With the help of her parents, Liliana obtained recycled glass yogurt jars, mason jars and teacups, along with other recycled materials and reuse them into natural soy candles and other artwork that she could sell. Liliana donates 10% of her profits to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. She is proud to say that she was able to donate over $535 in her first year in business. Purchase a copy of the Power 3 Playbook to learn more about her story!
Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth is a community-driven program that supports our youth. We have collaborated with 75+ plus businesses, 200+ community activist, and other community partners since inception. We had the pleasure to collaborate with a local friend and employee of the Miami Dolphins Franchise and sponsor tickets to watch the Dolphins play the Buffalo Bills. It was an honor to have our Founder, Gerald Hearns, reach out to Kipp Courage Academy located in South Miami, Urban Youth Impact 501(c)3, and other local youth and their parents from Palm Beach County to attend this game. 156 youth and their parents were impacted and even greater, majority of them experienced their first NFL game.
Katlynn Pleasant is a fitness coach and influencer. Katlynn wanted better for her health and collaborated with Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth. Throughout her fitness journey, she lost over 65 pounds. There were countless days when Katlynn wanted to give up. She juggled working full time, being a single mother, while dealing with challenges of co-parenting. Despite her hard days, she knew that she was destined for greatness and never quit. We supported her vision launching Dollie’s Fitness, including waist trainers and more. She generated 75 plus customers within her first two days. Follow: @Therealdollie
Latoya J. Lewis is a financial coach and community activist from Louisiana. She has served alongside Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth for 3+ years. In 2019, Latoya met Gerald Hearns through a financial networking zoom call and grew to learn the vision of our academy. Through our community impact mission feeding the homeless and sponsoring underprivileged youth, she visited our “Join Today,” page and signed up as a monthly sponsor. After 5 months of being a sponsor, she has since then helped over five dozen of our members apply for personal loans, apply for business funding, find grants and government loans, and offer consumer financing. Visitors may consider to sign up for our risk -free membership for $26.99 to get access to resourceful financial information. Click: FREE CALL WITH LATOYA to book your appointment.
We are proud and thankful for our volunteers on behalf of their faithful service. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Palm Beach County homeless community faced numerous challenges. Shelters were closed, volunteering food service places were closed, and there were limitations on resources. We were determined to shift the narrative of homelessness. Founder, Gerald Hearns, originally collaborated with local community activist, Frankcy Pierre-Paul. Francky is the founder of A Different Shade of Love 501(c)3. He and his organization has been a major support to the homeless community. Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth serviced clothes, hygiene products, and thousands of meals and produce products. We continue to pour into our community as we have sponsors that sign up for our monthly sponsor membership. All sponsors get access to our academy. Visit our shop page. We greatly appreciate your support.
Bryan Rammel, Founder & CEO of BR Consulting, is a proud sponsor and community partner of Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth. Bryan attended Florida Atlantic University and graduated from FAU Business program where he also shared a few business classes with Founder, Gerald Hearns. The two gentlemen shared great visions and ideas for giving back to the community. Holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas, were special moments for such collaborations. Bryan’s passion for giving back inspired him to sponsor 25 turkeys, volunteer with preparing meals and serving homeless citizens at John Prince Park, sponsor 5 families for Christmas, and numerous community service activities we provided.

Serving Our Community

Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth has been able to make such incredible impact by working with people that believes in the importance of serving others. We ask our community to consider signing up for our “Shining Star” $10.99 monthly membership. Shining Star Membership will allow us to continue providing opportunities to young adults and families in low income communities. We have served 200+ families in Fort Myers, Florida that were impacted by hurricane Ian. Shining Star members will receive a FREE signed copy of our Power 3 Playbook. Thank you to our community supporters. We strive to educate, motivate, and help others build “brick by brick.”


We are excited to continue providing networking events, fitness and financial literacy workshops, and community service activities. Visit Our Shop Page & Become A Sponsor.


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Brick By Brick Testimonials

Katlynn Pleasant

For Years I Was Nervous To Do Gerald’s Workouts And Let Him Train Me. Like Most That Are Probably Nervous, You Notice Gerald Is Very Muscular And The First Instance Is “Oh Heck No He Is Not About To Kill Me.” I Was That Same Person. Well Let Me Tell You, While On My Fitness Weight Loss Journey, Gerald And His Brick By Brick Academy Program Helped Me Personally, Emotionally, And Physically. I Lost Over 55 Pounds. Gerald Hearns Helped Me Launch My Fitness Business, Dollie’s Fitness LLC. I Also Gained Ideas Through Gerald And His Program And Started Producing My Own Dollie’s Fitness Merchandise. While Going Through So Much IN Life, Gerald And His Program Serves A Major Purpose To See Others Elevate In Life. Words Can’t Explain How Grateful I Am.

David Brown

Gerald Has Been A Great Friend To Me. He Has Supported Me And Never Looked Down On Me Since I Was Diagnosed With Autism At An Early Age. He Provided Me With An Opportunity To Serve As The First Brand Ambassador Of Brick By Brick Academy. I Get To Help Sell The Brick By Brick Wristbands, Water Bottles, T Shirts, Volunteer At Gerald’s Event. Gerald Has Even Made Time To Let Me Workout With His Fitness Clients And Pick Me Up. Gerald Has Made Time To Come To Church With Me And Attend My Palm Beach Walk For Autism Event.

Shateria Quince

Working With Gerald And Brick By Brick Academy, They Will Make Sure You Know The Material Whether If It Is His Fitness Program Or Financial Education Services. I Highly Appreciate That If There Was Ever A Time I Asked A Question And Gerald Did Not Know The Answer To It, He Would Be Up Front And Let Me Know That He Does Not Know The Answer Yet And Made A Way To Get A Trustworthy Answer For Me. I Would Highly Recommend Brick By Brick Academy If You Are Looking To Become A Better Person All Around. From The Exclusive Recipes To Fitness Videos, I Have Been Able To Workout At Home And Even With My Friends Using The Custom Workout That Is Provided.

Alisha Bryant

Brick By Brick Academy Has Helped Me Learn How To Take Time For Myself And Meditate. It Is Very True That Perspective Is Everything. Waking Up And Creating New Habitats To Go Out For A Morning Jog, Do 15 Minutes Worth Of Exercising Has Allowed Me To Get Through The Day A Lot Better. Gerald Has Shown So Much Gratitude And Support Helping Me Figure This Whole Business World Out After I Came To Him And Said I Have Money And Want To Invest. His Coaching And Customer Service Has Been Nothing But A1 Support.

Anthony Hulme

It Has Been An Honor To Have Met Gerald In 2010 And See How Brick By Brick Academy And Gerald Has Grown. From Learning About How To Build My Credit, Financial Investment For Retirement, And Even Learning How To Trade In The ForEx Market Has Helped Me A Lot. I Am Going To School To Start My Own Physical Therapy Practice. I Have Been Able To Utilize Personal & Business Development Tools And Resources That Gerald Provides Through Brick By Brick Academy.

Andre Patterson

Brick By Brick Academy Has Impact Myself And My Family. We Now Serve As Brand Ambassadors Out Here In Hawaii. I Have A Shoe Exchange Business & My Wife Has A Shop Set Up With Her Products & Services. From Gerald’s Elite Coaching, I Have Been Able To Increase My Motivation, Increase My Sales, And Take Steps To Create New Habits That Will Pay Off Soon For Myself And My Family. I Appreciate Meeting Gerald As Colleagues At Florida A&M University.

Zach Rubenstein

Gerald Is The Most Open And Helpful Guy I Have Met. The Customer Service From Him And His Brick By Brick Academy Has Been Next Level. No One Perfect, But With A Busy Person Like Gerald, He Goes Above And Beyond To Ensure Each One Of Us In The Private Group Chats Gets Our Questions Answered. This Academy Has Taught Me A Lot And I Have Been Able To Grow My Forex Account And Learn Strategies Within The Market To Be Successful.

Lexus Love

Gerald Is Awesome! He Has The Same Mentality For His Team And Treats Everyone As Family. He Was Very Patient With Helping Me Set Up My Forex Account And Made Time Out Of His Crazy Busy Schedule To Guide Me Through The Process. ForEx Has Impacted Me Because I Was Able To Have Another Stream Of Income And Now Have Sharing Forex And This Academy With My Family.

Kerrith Whyte (Former NFL Chicago Bears & Pittsburgh Steelers – Running Back)

In My Opinion Gerald Is An Outstanding Person, With A Work Ethic That Is Unmatched! Gerald Is A Hard Worker And Also Elevates Those Around Him To Be Better. His Passion, His Life Story, And Testimonies Truly Inspired Me. Not Only Is He A Great Partner, Friend, Or Teammate, He Is Honestly An Influential Asset To My Life. Watching How Gerald Took Advantage Of Every Opportunity, It Is Awesome To See How Brick By Brick Academy Has Grown. He And His Program Is Designed To See Others Increase Their Health, Not Only Just Fitness, But Minimizing Health Complications And More. I Recommend Enrolling Into Brick By Brick Academy Because The Value Of What You Will Get Cost Way More In The Real World. Gerald’s Journey Is The Epitome Of Building Brick By Brick.

Devin Singletary (NFL Buffalo Bills – Running Back)

Working With Gerald Has Been Really Good. When We First Met I Respected How He Carried Himself. He Presented Himself As A Leader And No Matter How Bad A Situation Seemed, He Always Found The Positive And Made The Most Of Every Outcome. Through His Brick By Brick Academy He Is Doing Some Great Things Helping People With Some Valuable Stuff That We Don’t Learn In School. When He Works out, If You Are Around Him, He Is Going To Push You To Give It Your All.

Gregory Howell Jr. (NFL Texans – Running Back)

Working With Gerald Is Such A Competitive & Comfortable Environment Because He Helps Build Those Around Him. A Person Should Work With Gerald And His Academy Because He Brings The Same Energy Day In And Day Out And Holds Everyone Accountable. He Will Get The Job Done And Results Are Going To Show. Fitness Is Important Because It Helps With Life. Fitness Can Help A Person Grow Mentally And Physically. It Is Also A Way To Challenge Yourself.

Brittany Boyd

Brick By Brick Academy And Gerald Has Really Impacted My Life, Inspiring Me Not To Give Up. Throughout My Experience, I have Lost Over 12 Pounds, Increased My Confidence, Got A New Career Opportunity, Challenged My Diet, And Became Self Motivated. I Highly Recommend That You Take Action On Becoming A Better Version Of Yourself. I Have Witnessed Gerald’s Patience That He Has With Everyone He Has Come In Contact With Around Me And I Can Say, I Was Very Inspired.

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