About Us

Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth is an amazing platform that is a road map that guides and educates individuals through their success journey. We are a community driven program encouraging the importance of fitness and nutrition through our online coaching services and resources. We also help our clients develop a road map for personal development, business development, and financial literacy through community partners. Enroll into our academy to follow our blueprint to better yourself. Be willing to disconnect to reconnect and elevate your dreams “Brick By Brick!”


Gerald Hearns – Founder

Gerald Hearns is a former NFL Draft prospect who is the epitome of grind and delayed gratification. While born and raised in West Palm Beach, Florida, Gerald was intrigued by fitness and business possibilities to impact his community. Life experiences and sports motivated him to become the man that he is today. Realizing that many people want better for themselves, but do not have the guidance, the extra push, or financial capabilities at times, motivated Gerald to strategically build Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth from the ground up. Gerald and his academy has now been able to impact over 10,000 people. We look forward to making a positive impact on you once you enroll into the Brick By Brick Academy. 


Henry Castillo: 1st Software Designer

Henry Castillo, is our Founding Brick By Brick Academy software designer. Henry serves as our Software director and has done such an amazing job for our Brick By Brick Academy community. He has participated in our community activities, such as speaking engagements and homeless expos. Henry’s creative skill set has impacted dozens of our academy accelerators. 

David Brown: 1st Brand Ambassador

David Brown,` is a West Palm Beach, Florida Native. David exemplifies work ethic, passion, and perseverance. Gerald has mentored David for eight plus years and has encouraged David to work hard despite being on the autism spectrum. He is a former student from Palm School of Autism . Through Brick By Brick Academy, David was equipped with the necessary tools to earn his first few job experiences through Publix grocery store and Hilton Hotels. David continues to inspires many more of our academy community to become the best version of themselves despite their challenges.

Brittany Boyd: Director of Brand Ambassador

Brittany Boyd is our Director for our brand ambassador community. Brittany served as a fitness client when Gerald first got certified in the fitness industry. In May, 2018, Brittany Boyd, graduated with a Master’s of Science and Leadership at Central Christian College (CCC) in McPherson, Kansas. While also managing to earn her Bachelor’s of Science (Honors) with a concentration in Criminal Justice (Terrorism and Counterterrorism, Criminology, Juvenile Justice, and Crisis Management), Brittany has done amazing things in the community serving local homeless individuals in the West Palm Beach, Florida community.

Brittany Boyd: Director of Brand Ambassador Shateria Quince: Event Coordinator

Shateria Quince serves as our event coordinator. Shateria is from West Palm Beach and has made such an impact on her community by getting involved with Brick By Brick Academy. She attended Mary McLeod Bethune University and has surpassed her peers with her tremendous work ethic. We love having ambitious individuals like Shateria Quince on our team because with integrity and passion like hers, gives us the opportunity to help people like yourself build one brick at a time.

Bryan Rammel: Marketing

Bryan Rammel is a self-made entrepreneur from Tennessee, who serves on our team as a Marketing Director. He is the founder of his company called “BR Consulting.”  Bryan Rammel and Gerald Hearns met one another while attending Florida Atlantic University, School of Business. Bryan has a passion for serving others. Therefore, while working at Smart for Life, a nutritional based company, Bryan collaborated with Gerald and Brick By Brick Academy, by sponsoring over 100 protein bars to feed the homeless. Bryan has also contributed towards the Brick By Brick Scholarship to help sponsor youth in Gerald’s community. We are proud to have Bryan Rammel a part of our team.

Alonzo Smith: Fitness

Alonzo Smith is a former 2019 NFL draft prospect from Riviera Beach, Florida. Alonzo made headline news while playing football at William T Dwyer High School alongside Gerald Hearns. Alonzo graduated from Miami of Ohio and has done great things in his community with personal training and sports nutrition. Our team could have not asked for a better duo for Gerald Hearns and Alonzo Smith to collaborate and make an impact on serving our new Brick By Brick Academy fitness students.

Julia McClellan: Yoga Director

Julia McClellan is an amazing friend and supporter of Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth. She has impacted hundreds of yoga participants in the Palm Beach County and Martin County community. Julia has performed and instructed yoga for more than five years. Julia and her husband, John McClellan are phenomenal sponsors of Brick By Brick Academy and Gerald’s vision as they both have made an impact on Brick By Brick Academy becoming what it is today. Julia and her son, Cameron have done amazing things in the community. They have volunteered with Gerald Hearns, Francky Pierre-Paul, and others feeding the homeless. Enjoy our category of yoga exercises.

List of Brand Ambassadors

  • Alonzo Smith
  • Brittany Boyd
  • David Brown
  • Kimberly Keown
  • Sharon Engram
  • Bryan Rammel
  • Terryon Chapman
  • Shateria Quince
  • Dennis Hall
  • Jason Williams
  • Garner Harris
  • Benjamin Bertazon
  • Jean Brown
  • Maurus Dolcic
  • Joel Insilo
  • Alisha Bryant
  • Anthony Rodriguez
  • Buck Martinez
  • Ashley Martinez
  • Sylvia Martinez
  • Krissy Webb
  • Sylvia Green
  • Kelly Manos
  • Domenic Buoanno
  • Blake Hutcherson
  • John Grace
  • Elijah Green
  • Zachery Hicks
  • Tevon Coney
  • Ashley Hall
  • Kavozeia Studvent
  • Xavier Carter
  • Drew Fresco
  • Jimmie Wingfield
  • Chad Ward Jr.
  • Barrington Hutchenson
  • Luke Kessinger
  • Anthony Smith
  • Daniel Parr
  • Lexus Love
  • Stanley Asbury
  • Anthony Hulme 
  • Vincent Hulme
  • Chris Hulme
  • Jasmine Brown
  • Peggy Hulme
  • Mikhail Hay-Smith
  • Julia McCellan
  • Rah William
  • Tevin Engram 
  • James Engram
  • Aaron Engram
  • Antwuan Nelson
  • Ben Brown
  • Terrance Smith
  • Avery Woods
  • Lameika Washington
  • LaToya Lewis
  • Josh Nunnally
  • Deron Lett
  • Kiera Kester
  • Lakeisha Haye
  • Andre Patterson
  • Brandon Desrosier
  • LaShawn Carter
  • & MORE