Community Partners

We are excited to present some of our community partners, brand ambassadors, proud sponsors, and certified business affiliates.

Community Partners

We value relationships and appreciate the efforts that our community partners have made to support our mission. Due to our community partners, Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth has been able to provide 5 free community events, 14 free fitness workshops, established relationships with Palm Beach County Boys & Girls Club, Urban Youth Impact, New Leaders Council, Sigma Beta Club, and more. We encourage you to join our free community group chat and share with us who you are and what you do. 

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Brand Ambassadors

How To Become A Brand Ambassador?

Our Brand Ambassadors means the world to us. Leadership, work ethic, and morals are three principles that we uphold as a brand and establishment. Down below, lists a few requirements for our Brand Ambassadors. Get started and view the slideshow to see a few of our Brand Ambassadors.

  • Treat people with respect and speak with confidence
  • Be open-minded to new opportunities and be coachable
  • Share with family, friends, and peers how our academy is impacting lives
  • Use our #BrickByBrickAcademy Hashtag on social media and tag us
  • Follow us on Instagram: @BrickByBrickAcademy
  • Like our Facebook page: @Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth
  • Consider becoming an “Accelerator” to utilize our academy tools and resources
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Proud Sponsors

Recognizing Our Academy Heroes

What an honor to recognize our academy heroes that has gone above and beyond to support our community impact missions. Our sponsors gain instant and full access to our academy and “Brick 1” perks upon enrolling as a sponsor. Our sponsors, includes community citizens in various states, city commissioners, business owners, community activists, and more. Check out our slideshow and view the top 7 reasons why our sponsors joined our mission:

  • We are established based on moral ethical principles
  • Your sponsorship allow us to reach an underprivileged youth
  • We contributed $4,825 in scholarships to our youth
  • Donated 214 turkeys for Thanksgiving
  • Supported 14 low-income, single-parent households
  • Served 2,000+ meals and resources to local homeless community
  • Contributed Christmas toys to 118 families during pandemic
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Certified Business Affiliates

Did You Know That Can Save Marketing Dollars With Us?

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We support our community through our platform by providing an opportunity for others to elevate. We work with start up businesses, aspiring entrepreneurs, and existing businesses. In addition, we service those that are simply looking to advertise a brand for exposure to drive traffic for new leads. We help our clients save marketing dollars. Our vision for offering these services through our academy, came about as our Founder, Gerald Hearns, spent hundreds to thousands getting his vision off of the ground to where it is today. We know what it is like being a small business, scraping every dollar to pay for advertising and trying to promote to a warm and cold market. We can not wait to work with you and help you grow!

6 Benefits Of Featuring Your Business

  • Our website averages 9.8k impressions per month.
  • We promote your business for $1/day (Brick 5).
  • All business affiliates will gain access to our academy content and resources.
  • Business affiliates will get a custom certified flyer to promote their business to increase credibility of affiliation.
  • We will feature your business on our contact directory list.
  • We have a FREE group chat you can promote your business
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List of Brand Ambassadors

  • Alonzo Smith
  • Brittany Boyd
  • David Brown
  • Kimberly Keown
  • Sharon Engram
  • Bryan Rammel
  • Terryon Chapman
  • Shateria Quince
  • Dennis Hall
  • Jason Williams
  • Garner Harris
  • Sharon Engram
  • Jean Brown
  • Maurus Dolcic
  • Joel Insilo
  • Alisha Bryant
  • Anthony Rodriguez
  • Buck Martinez
  • Ashley Martinez
  • Sylvia Martinez
  • Krissy Webb
  • Gerald Hearns
  • Kelly Manos
  • Domenic Buoanno
  • Blake Hutcherson
  • John Grace
  • Elijah Green
  • Zachery Hicks
  • Tevon Coney
  • Ashley Hall
  • Kavozeia Studvent
  • Xavier Carter
  • Drew Fresco
  • Jimmie Wingfield
  • Chad Ward Jr.
  • Barrington Hutchenson
  • Luke Kessinger
  • Anthony Smith
  • Daniel Parr
  • Lexus Love
  • Stanley Asbury
  • Anthony Hulme 
  • Vincent Hulme
  • Chris Hulme
  • Peggy Hulme
  • Mikhail Hay-Smith
  • Julia McCellan
  • Rah William
  • Tevin Engram 
  • James Engram
  • Aaron Engram
  • Antwuan Nelson
  • Ben Brown
  • Terrance Smith
  • Avery Woods
  • Lameika Washington
  • LaToya Lewis
  • Josh Nunnally
  • Deron Lett
  • Kiera Kester
  • Lakeisha Haye
  • Andre Patterson
  • Brandon Desrosier
  • LaShawn Carter
  • & MORE