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We are excited to introduce our online fitness and nutrition program to you and be a part of your transformation journey. Our online coaching business has reached over 11.8k people within 22+ countries combined. We have learned that 28% of our clients would rather workout at a gym and typically request in-person, personal training sessions. Research studies, indicated that many brick and mortar fitness and gym owners had to close their business upon the world pandemic, known as COVID-19.

Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth executed a plan of action to provide our clients with custom workout and meal plans to stay on track while working out from home. We provide elite services by generating a community that is more accessible for coaching tips, one-on-one virtual workouts, Facebook live workouts, and more. If you are looking more for in-person training, you can still enroll into our academy to utilize the resources that we have available at affordable prices just for you! 


Delayed Gratification Vs. Instant Gratification

The simple steps to transform my body throughout my fitness journey started with my mindset. At times, society forces people to feel like “I am supposed to be living my best life turning up,” when they see their peers social media profiles. Truth is, 8 times out of 10, those people are not genuinely happy within themselves. Most people need consistent motivation, guidance, peer-to-peer mentoring, and a community of like minded people to stay on track. I have created a master plan at a reasonable cost to reach people like you that want to take initiative, but seeking someone that you can trust. Allow Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth to help you reach your goals. Scroll down to learn more about our fitness and nutrition program. Our academy also help interested clients start their own fitness and coaching business.

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Nutrition Plans

Stay On Course With Your Diet

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7 Reasons why our clients love to enroll into our fitness and nutrition program:

  • Our meal plans are easy to navigate
  • We offer a flat rate for our custom meal and workout plan membership
  • We listen to our clients needs and concerns
  • Clients love the bonus resources included upon sign up
  • We help clients start their own businesses
  • Our clients see results
  • Trainers use our meal plans for their clients
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Get started today and gain exclusive access to our custom recipe packs geared for you! We coach our clients on the fundamentals on the follow:

  • How to get started.
  • How to choose a blender.
  • Identify the difference between a blender vs. juicer.
  • Create smoothies using frozen or fresh fruit.
  • Learn how to shop for organic or conventional produce.
  • Unlock unlimited coaching with your membership.
  • Gain access to our full academy, including fitness with your membership..
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Step By Step Proven Fitness System

5 Successful Fitness Tips

  • It takes 21 days to begin a new habit.
  • It takes 12 weeks to find your groove and get fully comfortable.
  • It takes 6 months to master that habit.
  • It takes 1 year to endure and crave it.
  • It takes 2+ years to make it a part of who you are.

Custom Workout Plans That We Provide

  • Strength & conditioning
  • Core
  • Yoga & stretching
  • Speed training
  • Active recovery
  • Sports position related (Including boxing)
  • Weight loss
  • Body weight

Successful Clients  

We have worked with clients whom were facing challenges with their mental and physical health. We provided consistent coaching and motivation to help them get through those dark times. Our clients listened, trusted the process, challenged themselves, and became a greater version of themselves.

5 Attributes That Our Clients Gained

  • Mentally Stronger
  • Patience
  • Self Motivated
  • Physically Fit
  • Determined
International Sports Sciences Association Certified

Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth is ready to get you on board. Taking action is the focus point. We have learned that most people do not take action because of fear. People fear failure. Some people fear commitment. We will coach you and provide you the necessary resources to have no fear of failure, only a desire to excel. Get started now!

Coached By 6 & 7 Figure Coaches and Trainers
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List of Brand Ambassadors

  • Alonzo Smith
  • Brittany Boyd
  • David Brown
  • Kimberly Keown
  • Sharon Engram
  • Bryan Rammel
  • Terryon Chapman
  • Shateria Quince
  • Dennis Hall
  • Jason Williams
  • Garner Harris
  • Sharon Engram
  • Jean Brown
  • Maurus Dolcic
  • Joel Insilo
  • Alisha Bryant
  • Anthony Rodriguez
  • Buck Martinez
  • Ashley Martinez
  • Sylvia Martinez
  • Krissy Webb
  • Gerald Hearns
  • Kelly Manos
  • Domenic Buoanno
  • Blake Hutcherson
  • John Grace
  • Elijah Green
  • Zachery Hicks
  • Tevon Coney
  • Ashley Hall
  • Kavozeia Studvent
  • Xavier Carter
  • Drew Fresco
  • Jimmie Wingfield
  • Chad Ward Jr.
  • Barrington Hutchenson
  • Luke Kessinger
  • Anthony Smith
  • Daniel Parr
  • Lexus Love
  • Stanley Asbury
  • Anthony Hulme 
  • Vincent Hulme
  • Chris Hulme
  • Peggy Hulme
  • Mikhail Hay-Smith
  • Julia McCellan
  • Rah William
  • Tevin Engram 
  • James Engram
  • Aaron Engram
  • Antwuan Nelson
  • Ben Brown
  • Terrance Smith
  • Avery Woods
  • Lameika Washington
  • LaToya Lewis
  • Josh Nunnally
  • Deron Lett
  • Kiera Kester
  • Lakeisha Haye
  • Andre Patterson
  • Brandon Desrosier
  • LaShawn Carter
  • & MORE