The Missing Piece To Building Your Health & Wealth

Brick By Brick Academy Breaks Health & Wealth Down To Basic Puzzle Pieces. We Provide Resources For Fitness and Financial Education To Create a Masterpiece For Success. Build Confidence, Witness Results, Learn Proven Methods, Join A Community Of Individuals That Are Elevating and Reprogram Your Brain For Greatness.

Life Is Not Complicated, It Is About Strategy

Brick By Brick Academy Inspires Others On The Simple Actions That Create Epic Results. You will find our students becoming fit, creating value to their personal goals, optimizing systems, building generational wealth, and minimizing distractions.

We Serve Many  Communities & Inspire Individuals To Create Healthy Habits And Build One Brick At A Time.

This Represents 99% Of Society. Many Times When Focusing On Materialistic Things, It Does Not Bring Us Happiness In The End. Wanting To See Instant Results For Success, Does Not Fulfill Long Term Success When Seeking Instant Gratification Without The Building Blocks. Writing Out Goals To Detox The Way We Think, What We Put In Our Bodies, The Passions That We Love, And Finding Ways To Become Fit, Only Fuels Us To Realize That It Is About Trusting The Process. Do Not Sell Yourself Short. Speak Greatness Into Existence.

Become A Game Changer

You Versus You; Become That 1%.

Consistency, Work Ethic, And Passion Builds Character. Visualize What It Is That You Want To Achieve. Ask Yourself, What Is Stopping Me From Achieving What I Want. Make It Your Mission To Operate On A Proven System And Trust The Process. Reposition Your Focus And Connect With Others That Will Uplift You. Click Here To Enroll Today bbbacademy.net/shop For Less Than $1.00!!

Here’s How It Works

Brick By Brick Academy Provides You With Everything You Need To Be Successful In Life. Our Resources Provide You An Experience Of Positivity, Encouragement, And Building Blocks So You Can Build Brick By Brick.

Proven Process

We have gotten licensed in personal training, sports nutrition, and CPR. We have followed practical step by step instructions to start a business, serve the community and help others elevate.

Health & Wealth

It is a daily challenge to grow when surrounded by the same people. Exposure Expands Expectations. Join an active community of fitness clients, business coaches, educators, mentors, community activists and make new friends and have fun.


Perspective is everything. Creating healthy habits to desire the love and peace that the world offers starts with how you think. Discover who you are, build that inner peace and confidence, create new interest and reprogram your brain for a greater performance.


Customer service is important to us. We want to ensure that you have the tools, resources, and answers to be successful. Get unlimited access on our social media groups, weekly zoom calls, live streams, and access to other successful coaches and mentors.

Actionable Steps & Proven Results

We Do Not Provide You With Resources Or Opportunities That Does Not Provide Any Value In The Real World. Our Academy Is A One-Stop-Shop! We Want You To Succeed. We Want You To Experience The Fitness You Envisioned. We Want You To Pass Wealth Down To Your Kids And Grand kids. We Want You To Wake Up, Take Trips, Shop, Make An Impact On Others While Your Money Still Working For You.


Meal Provided To The Homeless


Certified Personal Trainer


People Impacted By Gerald Hearns

We Equip You With Full Coverage Purpose

Most Programs Only Provide You Either Fitness Plans Or Only Financial Information. We Provide You Convenience And Opportunity To Increase Your Knowledge And Become Healthy, All-In-One.

To Succeed In Life, You Need To Learn The “BluePrint.”

Five Components To Be Successful In Life.

    1. Be Open Minded – Identify Problems & Solutions, Critical Thinking, Faith

    2. Be Humble – Poised, Grateful, Selfless, Relentless, Ask For Help

    3. Be Patient – Prioritize, On-Time Attitude, Trust The Process

    4. Build Relationships – Network, Communicate, Build Trust

5. Build A Discipline – Strategy, Focus, Framework, Process

Exposure Expands Expectations

The Foundation To Every Building Only Stands Strong When The Building Blocks Are Secured. We Teach You The Fundamentals You Need In The Real World Today, Tomorrow, In The Future, And Against Any Weather


The Way You Perceive Things Will Dictate Your Level Of Success Or Failure In Life.


Fundamentals To Help You Get Off The Ground Floor And Build That Foundation.


Changing The Way You Eat To Decrease Health Complications, Increase Weight Loss, Prosperous Results.


Variety Of Ways To Increase Mobility, Endurance, Agility, Mental Stability And Perform At A High Performance


Find That Spark In You To Keep Pushing. Do Not Quit.


How To Trade And Be Successful In The Market. Unlimited Access To Our Trade Group.


Use Proven Method That Will Help You Minimize Your Debts And Leverage Other People’s Money.


How To Hold Yourself Accountable When No One Is Looking Or Around.


How To Engage With Your Audience When Developing A Success Business And Personal Brand.

Social Media

Find Out When Are The Best Times To Post, Use HashTags, And Monetize Your Account.


Learn How You Can Give Back And Serve Your Community Along With Us.


Connect With Us To Uplift Our Youth, Young Entrepreneurs, And Future Enrollees.

3 Stages of Transformation

Whether You’re Thinking About Starting Your Fitness Journey Or A Successful Business, Brick By Brick Academy Has You Covered!

Brick One Accelerator – (Health & Wealth)

Take Your Health & Wealth To The Next Level Whether A Beginner Or Expert. Brick One Accelerator Provides Personal & Business Development, 400+ Fitness Training Videos & Exercise Catalog Combined. Get Access To 50+ Custom Nutritional Meals And Smoothie Recipes. Learn How To Become Financial Literate & Learn How Money Works. Free Access To Private Group Chat Of Gerald’s Network, Exclusive Raffles. Tune In For Live Q & A Sessions. Learn Ways To Build Tax Free Income & More. ENROLL FOR ONLY .88 CENTS / DAY (Recommended Plan)

Brick Two Elevate – (Feature Your Business)

Get Access To Our Special Feature To Market Your Business, Product, Services, Or Vision. We Understand That Marketing Cost Hundreds To Thousands A Month. We Want To Help You Gain The Exposure That You Desire & Elevate Your Vision. Gain Access To Our Community, Get Featured On Our Social Media & More To Drive Traffic To Help You Potentially Increase Sales. Click The Link Below To BECOME A PARTNER FOR $1.00 / DAY & Get Added To Our Exclusive Contact Directory List.

Brick Three Community – (Become A Sponsor)

Our Mission Has Allowed Us To Connect With Some Very Special People. We Have Provided 2,000+ Meals To The Less Fortunate, Distributed $10,000+ Through Our Brick By Brick Academy Scholarship To Underprivileged Youth, & More. We Would Love For You To Become A Monthly Sponsor To Continue Our Community Impact. Sponsor’s Gain Full Access To Our Academy, Qualify For Brick One & Brick Two. Click The Link Below To Review More In The Description & BECOME A MONTHLY SPONSOR TODAY FOR $25.99 To Sponsor A Youth.

Train The Way That Best Suit You

Train Your Body, Your Thoughts, Your Vision From Anywhere. Brick By Brick Academy Program Is Compatible With Smartphones, Smart TV’s, Desktop And PC Devices.

Brick By Brick Testimonials

Katlynn Pleasant

For Years I Was Nervous To Do Gerald’s Workouts And Let Him Train Me. Like Most That Are Probably Nervous, You Notice Gerald Is Very Muscular And The First Instance Is “Oh Heck No He Is Not About To Kill Me.” I Was That Same Person. Well Let Me Tell You, While On My Fitness Weight Loss Journey, Gerald And His Brick By Brick Academy Program Helped Me Personally, Emotionally, And Physically. I Lost Over 55 Pounds. Gerald Hearns Helped Me Launch My Fitness Business, Dollie’s Fitness LLC. I Also Gained Ideas Through Gerald And His Program And Started Producing My Own Dollie’s Fitness Merchandise. While Going Through So Much IN Life, Gerald And His Program Serves A Major Purpose To See Others Elevate In Life. Words Can’t Explain How Grateful I Am.

David Brown

Gerald Has Been A Great Friend To Me. He Has Supported Me And Never Looked Down On Me Since I Was Diagnosed With Autism At An Early Age. He Provided Me With An Opportunity To Serve As The First Brand Ambassador Of Brick By Brick Academy. I Get To Help Sell The Brick By Brick Wristbands, Water Bottles, T Shirts, Volunteer At Gerald’s Event. Gerald Has Even Made Time To Let Me Workout With His Fitness Clients And Pick Me Up. Gerald Has Made Time To Come To Church With Me And Attend My Palm Beach Walk For Autism Event.

Shateria Quince

Working With Gerald And Brick By Brick Academy, They Will Make Sure You Know The Material Whether If It Is His Fitness Program Or Financial Education Services. I Highly Appreciate That If There Was Ever A Time I Asked A Question And Gerald Did Not Know The Answer To It, He Would Be Up Front And Let Me Know That He Does Not Know The Answer Yet And Made A Way To Get A Trustworthy Answer For Me. I Would Highly Recommend Brick By Brick Academy If You Are Looking To Become A Better Person All Around. From The Exclusive Recipes To Fitness Videos, I Have Been Able To Workout At Home And Even With My Friends Using The Custom Workout That Is Provided.

Alisha Bryant

Brick By Brick Academy Has Helped Me Learn How To Take Time For Myself And Meditate. It Is Very True That Perspective Is Everything. Waking Up And Creating New Habitats To Go Out For A Morning Jog, Do 15 Minutes Worth Of Exercising Has Allowed Me To Get Through The Day A Lot Better. Gerald Has Shown So Much Gratitude And Support Helping Me Figure This Whole Business World Out After I Came To Him And Said I Have Money And Want To Invest. His Coaching And Customer Service Has Been Nothing But A1 Support.

Anthony Hulme

It Has Been An Honor To Have Met Gerald In 2010 And See How Brick By Brick Academy And Gerald Has Grown. From Learning About How To Build My Credit, Financial Investment For Retirement, And Even Learning How To Trade In The ForEx Market Has Helped Me A Lot. I Am Going To School To Start My Own Physical Therapy Practice. I Have Been Able To Utilize Personal & Business Development Tools And Resources That Gerald Provides Through Brick By Brick Academy.

Andre Patterson

Brick By Brick Academy Has Impact Myself And My Family. We Now Serve As Brand Ambassadors Out Here In Hawaii. I Have A Shoe Exchange Business & My Wife Has A Shop Set Up With Her Products & Services. From Gerald’s Elite Coaching, I Have Been Able To Increase My Motivation, Increase My Sales, And Take Steps To Create New Habits That Will Pay Off Soon For Myself And My Family. I Appreciate Meeting Gerald As Colleagues At Florida A&M University.

Zach Rubenstein

Gerald Is The Most Open And Helpful Guy I Have Met. The Customer Service From Him And His Brick By Brick Academy Has Been Next Level. No One Perfect, But With A Busy Person Like Gerald, He Goes Above And Beyond To Ensure Each One Of Us In The Private Group Chats Gets Our Questions Answered. This Academy Has Taught Me A Lot And I Have Been Able To Grow My Forex Account And Learn Strategies Within The Market To Be Successful.

Lexus Love

Gerald Is Awesome! He Has The Same Mentality For His Team And Treats Everyone As Family. He Was Very Patient With Helping Me Set Up My Forex Account And Made Time Out Of His Crazy Busy Schedule To Guide Me Through The Process. ForEx Has Impacted Me Because I Was Able To Have Another Stream Of Income And Now Have Sharing Forex And This Academy With My Family.

Kerrith Whyte (Former NFL Chicago Bears & Pittsburgh Steelers – Running Back)

In My Opinion Gerald Is An Outstanding Person, With A Work Ethic That Is Unmatched! Gerald Is A Hard Worker And Also Elevates Those Around Him To Be Better. His Passion, His Life Story, And Testimonies Truly Inspired Me. Not Only Is He A Great Partner, Friend, Or Teammate, He Is Honestly An Influential Asset To My Life. Watching How Gerald Took Advantage Of Every Opportunity, It Is Awesome To See How Brick By Brick Academy Has Grown. He And His Program Is Designed To See Others Increase Their Health, Not Only Just Fitness, But Minimizing Health Complications And More. I Recommend Enrolling Into Brick By Brick Academy Because The Value Of What You Will Get Cost Way More In The Real World. Gerald’s Journey Is The Epitome Of Building Brick By Brick.

Devin Singletary (NFL Buffalo Bills – Running Back)

Working With Gerald Has Been Really Good. When We First Met I Respected How He Carried Himself. He Presented Himself As A Leader And No Matter How Bad A Situation Seemed, He Always Found The Positive And Made The Most Of Every Outcome. Through His Brick By Brick Academy He Is Doing Some Great Things Helping People With Some Valuable Stuff That We Don’t Learn In School. When He Works out, If You Are Around Him, He Is Going To Push You To Give It Your All.

Gregory Howell Jr. (NFL Texans – Running Back)

Working With Gerald Is Such A Competitive & Comfortable Environment Because He Helps Build Those Around Him. A Person Should Work With Gerald And His Academy Because He Brings The Same Energy Day In And Day Out And Holds Everyone Accountable. He Will Get The Job Done And Results Are Going To Show. Fitness Is Important Because It Helps With Life. Fitness Can Help A Person Grow Mentally And Physically. It Is Also A Way To Challenge Yourself.

Brittany Boyd

Brick By Brick Academy And Gerald Has Really Impacted My Life, Inspiring Me Not To Give Up. Throughout My Experience, I have Lost Over 12 Pounds, Increased My Confidence, Got A New Career Opportunity, Challenged My Diet, And Became Self Motivated. I Highly Recommend That You Take Action On Becoming A Better Version Of Yourself. I Have Witnessed Gerald’s Patience That He Has With Everyone He Has Come In Contact With Around Me And I Can Say, I Was Very Inspired.

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