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10 Building Blocks For Personal Development

Foundation Is Key

  1. Develop mental preparation tactics
  2. Learn how to shift your perspective
  3. Develop your association
  4. Establish great relationships
  5. Learn how to establish a winning team
  6. Learn how to manage adversity
  7. Develop an accountability checklist
  8. Learn how to not allow fear to control you
  9. Learn how to turn your pain into your passion
  10. Learn how to tap into your purpose and accelerate

Health = Wealth

  1. Use our custom recipes and meal plans to start your own nutrition business
  2. Use our custom recipes and meal plans to support your fitness and health goals
  3. Use our custom fitness videos and custom workout plans to start your own fitness business
  4. Use our custom fitness videos and custom workout plans to support your fitness journey
  5. We have 50+ custom workout plans
  6. We have a custom workout library with 300+ fitness exercises from beginner to advanced training
  7. Your membership will include 300+ custom recipes to use or resell to your clients
  8. Your membership will include our 24/7 chat line
  9. Every membership will include a free copy of our Power 3 Playbook
  10. Your membership includes our motivational videos library

“Have No Fear Of Failure, Only A Desire To Excel.” – Kevin Smith

Business Development

Get started today and gain exclusive access to our custom business development coaching modules and join our free coaching group:

  • Learn how to start a new membership business
  • Learn how to develop a budgeting plan
  • Learn how to develop a business plan from scratch
  • Tips and strategies to building a brand
  • Learn how to develop product value
  • Gain access to steps on building brand awareness
  • Learn ways create content
  • Learn how to develop a solid team
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Financial Literacy Resources

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  • Learn about the importance of credit
  • Learn how to establish credit & dispute bad debts
  • Learn what is a asset vs. liability
  • Learn ways to develop a cash flow
  • Connect with our financial partners
  • Learn about different financial markets
  • Learn about the importance of insurance
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List of Brand Ambassadors

  • Alonzo Smith
  • Brittany Boyd
  • David Brown
  • Kimberly Keown
  • Sharon Engram
  • Bryan Rammel
  • Terryon Chapman
  • Shateria Quince
  • Dennis Hall
  • Jason Williams
  • Garner Harris
  • Sharon Engram
  • Jean Brown
  • Maurus Dolcic
  • Joel Insilo
  • Alisha Bryant
  • Anthony Rodriguez
  • Buck Martinez
  • Ashley Martinez
  • Sylvia Martinez
  • Krissy Webb
  • Gerald Hearns
  • Kelly Manos
  • Domenic Buoanno
  • Blake Hutcherson
  • John Grace
  • Elijah Green
  • Zachery Hicks
  • Tevon Coney
  • Ashley Hall
  • Kavozeia Studvent
  • Xavier Carter
  • Drew Fresco
  • Jimmie Wingfield
  • Chad Ward Jr.
  • Barrington Hutchenson
  • Luke Kessinger
  • Anthony Smith
  • Daniel Parr
  • Lexus Love
  • Stanley Asbury
  • Anthony Hulme 
  • Vincent Hulme
  • Chris Hulme
  • Peggy Hulme
  • Mikhail Hay-Smith
  • Julia McCellan
  • Rah William
  • Tevin Engram 
  • James Engram
  • Aaron Engram
  • Antwuan Nelson
  • Ben Brown
  • Terrance Smith
  • Avery Woods
  • Lameika Washington
  • LaToya Lewis
  • Josh Nunnally
  • Deron Lett
  • Kiera Kester
  • Lakeisha Haye
  • Andre Patterson
  • Brandon Desrosier
  • LaShawn Carter
  • & MORE