Power 3 Playbook – “Turn Your Passion Into Profits!”

I am excited to extend an opportunity to you to get involved with my Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth mission. The Power 3 Playbook manual is now available for pre-orders. We are planning to get this book featured in multiple distribution channels, various schools, inner cities, non-profit organizations, and anyone that is ready to turn their passion into profits. I was that guy who did so much from the heart for free as a passion and had to learn how to value my time while providing value to others. If you feel the same way, place your order and lets grow together!!

Recognizing Our Academy Heroes

Power 3 Playbook (1st Edition) [Softcover]

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If you’ve never read The Power 3 Playbook, you have been missing out on one of the rising best-selling online subscription business development books of all time. If you visited http://www.bbbacademy.net then you’ll love the impact this book provides to help you turn your passion into profits.

This playbook is very special for many reasons. Gerald is the epitome of work ethic, patience, and most of all stepping out on faith. No matter your background or age, anyone with a willingness to see greater for their future can utilize this book. Gerald Hearns is a 3x MVP and 4x champion for Pro Team, Team America, a 2x college champion at Florida Atlantic University, and 1x State Champion at William T. Dwyer High School. While having a heart to serve others, mentor, coach, and serve the less fortunate, Hearns has become a power influencer while establishing his brand. From selling lemonade, to rubber band necklaces, candy & snacks, to owning multiple successful businesses, Gerald has become a force to be reckoned with. Down below, will consist of some benefits that you will encounter when you order the Power 3 Playbook!

  • How to define your purpose and pursue your passion
  • Spotlight stories of recipients of the BBB Academy program
  • Related questions to starting an online based business
  • The impact and tools to becoming a power influencer
  • Values and case scenarios on being a power athlete
  • Tips on how to develop a pay-it-forward membership
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