Brick 4 – Custom Workout Plans – Monthly Membership Subscription

$50.00 / month



Custom Workout Plans:

Brick 4 is geared towards learning about your fitness goals to develop custom workout plans to satisfy and exceed your fitness journey. Whether a beginner working out for the first time or an athlete training at a very intense paste, we strive to coach you along your journey. Our custom workout plans will serve as a guide for you to ensure that you create a discipline and workout with a purpose. When you enroll into this membership, our team will engage in a free consultation as you will be sent an email or text to prepare for your free full body assessment. These custom workout plans can be used in a safe workout environment, whether at home, outside, gym, or else. We look forward to helping you reach your fitness goals, “Brick By Brick.” Enroll today and become a greater version of yourself at a flat rate!

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