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Power 3 Playbook (1st Edition) [E-Book]


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If you’ve never read The Power 3 Playbook, you have been missing out on one of the rising best-selling online subscription business development books of all time. If you visited http://www.bbbacademy.net then you’ll love the impact this book provides to help you turn your passion into profits.


The Rising Best-Selling Online Subscription Business Development Books of All Time Just Got Better!

Gerald Hearns is celebrating the milestone of turning his pain into a passion, while turning his passion into profit. He looks forwards to continue giving back to his community and bringing others along the journey to help others elevate. Hearns has exemplified the definition of a power athlete, power entrepreneur, and power influencer by living every word of this book. While serving as a leader in his community, this manual will greatly serve the leaders to become upon reading this masterpiece. He has included new insights and professional tips to help you minimize the trial and error that he faced while developing and launching Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth. The lessons learned since he originally wrote the book in 2019 during the COVID-19 Pandemic has inspired him to make revisions that fulfilled his purposed and his vision.
The importance of stepping out on faith, speaking your goals into existence, while maximizing your day is what this playbook will allow you to do with step-by-step actions. The academy includes a risk free membership, “Brick 1,” where you get full access to review top notch material to help you elevate. For individuals that are interested in personal coaching to help guide them through our 30 day training program, has the ability to apply and work towards allowing us to be a part of their vision. This rising best-selling book on online business development people can buy, whether they want to learn online business development on their own, develop as an influencer, or teach others as an entrepreneur, or use their image and likeness as a athlete to grow their brand. Readers new to Hearns, as well as lifelong fans will want to get this special edition of the Power 3 Playbook that is on a mission to sell millions of copies in the United States and around the world.

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