We are excited to introduce our Too Cool Alkaline Water to our community! Brick By Brick Academy of Health & Wealth is passionate about helping people feel good and look good through our health and wealth mission. Learn more about our vision, health benefits, and pricing for our exclusive water line.

Our Vision

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“Tap Into Your Purpose!”

Water is essential for our bodies. Too Cool was formed to increase the awareness of healthy drinking. Our vision is to educate our community on why Alkaline water is unique, healthy, and why our Alkaline water varies from other brands. Through this journey, we created a membership option where our clients can get their water packaged and auto-shipped to their door steps. We seek to collaborate with sports teams, fitness centers, convenience stores, and provide water for special events and occasions. Scroll down to learn about the benefits of Alkaline water.

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Our Water

What Is Alkaline Water?

Alkaline water is a type of ionized water that acts as a powerful and natural antioxidant, with the ability to help the body eliminate acid waste produced by the natural process of digestion.

Alkaline water works as a natural anti-acid that helps to neutralize acid levels in the body which helps prevent the development of many diseases and combats common problems such as acid reflux, fluid retention, digestive problems and more.

Many doctors around the world are recommending alkaline water in achieving optimal health.

Benefits Of Alkaline Water

Natural antacid, neutralizes the acidity of the body improving ulcers, gastritis and others.

Powerful natural antioxidant that delays aging.

Prevents diseases by its effect of better oxygenation in the cell of the body.

Balances and regulates the pH of the body, fighting fluid retention and supporting the weight loss process.

Contribution of minerals for the correct functioning of the body.

More effective hydration of the body.

Why Is Too Cool Different?

For every bottle sold, we contribute $0.25 cents towards the Brick By Brick Academy Scholarship.
Too Cool Alkaline Water includes electrolytes. Get the benefits of sport drinks without the sweets.
Our water includes potassium. Potassium helps to contract and support normal blood pressure and maintain normal levels of fluid inside our cells.
Too Cool Alkaline Water includes magnesium and antioxidants. Magnesium support muscle and nerve function and energy production. Improvements in blood pressure, mood, and blood pressure management.
Our bottles are sturdy and BPA FREE!! This bottles contains oxygen within it as it has been tested that cancer can not live in BPA FREE products. The bottle is very durable for intense heat conditions. BPA-Free water bottles are more Eco-friendly and recyclable. BPA-Free water bottle is healthier for children and less likely to leech chemicals into your water.


VIP Membership

$50.00/Month (24 Bottles = $2.08 per bottle) – $0.25 cents per bottle, per case you order goes towards our community impact mission and BBB Academy scholarship. Get a FREE autographed copy of my Power 3 Playbook. Get FREE entry to all of my events. Get FREE access to Brick By Brick Academy course material. Become a part of giving back



$3.45 /Per Quantity (One Time Payment) – $0.25 cents per bottle sold goes towards sponsoring cases of water to youth football teams.


12 Pack

$39.99 (One-Time Payment – $0.25 Cents Per Single Bottle Sold Goes Towards BBB Academy Scholarship Funding).

Case Discounts

Purchase 3 Cases Or More, Get Each Case For $49.99 (24 Bottles Per Case – $0.25 Cents Per Bottle Goes Towards Scholarship Funding).


Water For A Purpose

We encourage you to help us pay it forward by making a contribution to help sponsor bottles of our Too Cool Alkaline Water to the homeless community. We look forward to providing clean drinking water and giving back. We greatly appreciate your support!


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